All our translations are done by native translators.

Proofreading services for both English and Spanish texts

We offer proofreading services, guaranteeing our clients' satisfaction.

We are a company specialized in proofreading services in English and Spanish. We have a specialized team with extensive experience in the field of work.

We are aware that the creation of technological tools helps to improve processes; therefore, we rely on technological tools as a means to optimize the work of our clients. 

Corporativo Grenjo

It offers daily news in text, photography, video, infographics and applications for websites and mobile portals.

International Services

International services in Spanish and English are part of our product portfolio.

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Style correction

Eliminates ambiguities and, at times, broadens the vocabulary.

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Translations by
native translators.

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For media, companies
and organizations.

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Media Services

Integral services of

Proofreading services for both English and Spanish texts

GRENJO Corporate

A worldwide network of reporters and editors guarantees daily coverage according to the principles established in CORPORATIVO GRENJO's bylaws: impartial and independent of ideologies, economic and financial power groups and governments. This is the standard of quality that print media, radio and television stations and digital media in more than 100 countries rely on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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